6. Adaptation & sustainable transformation

WP6 Adaptation & sustainable transformation

Ongoing activities for creating or enhancing climate adaptation of societal actors are being challenged by various shocks, e.g. extreme climate events. A networked, thus, more resilient, adaptation and transformation approach calls for a multiple value climate resilience policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation framework for just adaptation and transformation mechanisms utilizing public sector innovation, private sector innovation (i.e. digitalisation), social innovation (i.e. citizen science) under novel governance arrangements.

Overall objective: Capacitate the Euroregion Maas-Rijn to become climate resilient by 2030, a target to pursue under the EU Missions program

WP 6 contributes by:

  • Co-creating pathways to understand future direction for communities to build resilience and to avoid lock-in to climate risks. What are climate resilient development pathways for affected communities to climate related risk. How / where / what do communities want to rebuild / recover and how can this be done? What are comprehensive adaptation portfolios (including financial solutions, Nature-based Solutions (NbS), multi-level governance: linkages with other WPs),
  • Integrating entrepreneurial innovation and capacity in resilience building throughout Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) cycle and into a comprehensive management portfolio of risks from extremes; starting from how this and future effects will affect social and entrepreneurial innovation and capacity for responsible innovation for societal actors and transformations,
  • How is/will the event (and future events) shift the socio-political landscape of the region and Europe? Develop an understanding of how natural hazards will become more braided with politics in the region and in Europe as they increase in frequency and severity (i.e. link to the systemic nature of risk (WP1) and multi-level governance (WP5)

WP6 will accept inputs from all other WPs and incorporate them into an integrated adaptation and sustainable transformation agenda


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