1. Understanding risks, vulnerabilities & impacts

WP 1 Understanding risks, vulnerabilities & impacts

The floods in July 2021 have led to a wide range of direct and indirect impacts on people, infrastructure and livelihoods and revealed a complex web of interconnected vulnerabilities. Against the background of projected increases of such extreme events in the future, WP 1 aims to better understand present and future risks associated with such extreme events by drawing lessons from the recent floods. In doing so, this WP will:

  • examine observed (interconnected) impacts of the recent floods and evaluate underlying vulnerabilities,
  • assess the availability and accuracy of existing risk information for the region and
  • evaluate in how far existing planning documents such as communal risk plans and policies are risk-informed.

During and after the flood event, multiple spatial datasets have been developed providing information on the occurrence and severity of the occurred floods and related damage. But, do these datasets provide sufficient information for risk management and can be adequately used by stakeholder and communities? The demand vs. the usefulness of provided products will be also addressed in WP 1 with regard to their accuracy and reliability.


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